The Art of Copper Roofing


The used of copper in roofing materials world has been popular for centuries. Its excellent persistence over times makes it the most prominent material. Moreover, it gives an additional value to buildings including houses, churches and public places for the beautiful visualization. For the past decades, copper held the highest price in the market. Therefore, although it has already popular for a long time, the use of copper as roofing materials for private homes is just recently begun. Now, the demand of copper roofing is increasing as well as the growth of household constructions.

Before doing any constructions, there are a few types of copper roofing that should be known by homeowners as well as builders, such as:

  • Bennington Copper Shingles

This type of roofing has competitive prices compared to any other type of roofing. It can be used up to 50 years; copper nails, hip and ridge caps are manufactured based on the ASTM B370 standards, which qualified a life time assurance. The installation of this kind of roof is simple; It consists of two features of concealed joint pans and the easy to manage 4 feet copper shingle. It is also really easy to maintain it because the weight is so light.

  • Ryerson

The brand has a broad range of copper sheet types and accessories like coil. They have reputation for excellent quality in roofing materials. They supply various kinds of copper roofing, therefore they never run out of stocks.

  • Zappone

They are the pioneer of Window Roof Kit. Their new product, Copper Accent Bay Roof Kit, is a fresh invention of a complete roofing set. The roofing set is completed with window accessories. They also provide the installation guidance and it is easy to follow. This brand supplies two types of size which are the six feet bay and the eight feet bay.

Nowadays, architects and designers are coming up with many kinds of applicable aesthetic designs. Thus, copper roofing will never be old. While in the same time, the vintage look of copper roofing gives beautiful impression towards the properties. Therefore, choose copper roofing for long lasting use.